Modified Maquet Procedure for Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (MMP TTA) Surgery

MMP TTA Surgery Offered by Kansas City Veterinarian Dr Joe Rodier

MMP TTA is an advanced orthopedic surgery for treatment of cranial cruciate ligament rupture in the knee joint of dogs. It is an alternate procedure to the TPLO surgery and may be recommended in specific instances.

The MMP TTA utilizes a titanium foam implant to advance the tibial crest and pull the head of the femur back into proper position. The titanium foam implant is porous and encourages bone growth into the implant.

In approximately 4-6 weeks bone fills in the implant enough to stabilize the repair. This bone stabilization of the foam implant shortens the period of exercise restriction required for healing after this procedure as compared to the TPLO procedure.

Dr. Joe Rodier has completed advance training courses to perform the MMP TTA Surgery for dogs with a torn cruciate ligament. Dr Rodier is happy to accept referrals or new clients for this procedure for dogs in Blue Springs and the surrounding Kansas City areas.

Xrays of a dog with a torn cruciate ligament before and after MMP TTA surgery by veterinarian Dr Joe Rodier in Kansas City

Alternate Procedure: TPLO