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Blue Springs Animal Hospital offers cancer treatment including advanced diagnostics and chemotherapy for dogs and cats in Blue Springs and the surrounding Kansas City area.


There are many different kinds of cancer in pets and obtaining an accurate diagnosis is critical. Blue Springs Animal Hospital has advanced diagnostic capabilities and veterinarians who are experienced with the most current diagnostic and therapeutic options.

Depending on the type and location of the cancer, we will recommend different types of treatments. Some types of cancers can be removed surgically with complete recovery expected. Other types of cancer cannot be removed, but with proper chemotherapy treatment some pets can either be cured or treated with medication that eliminates their symptoms and restores their health for a period of time.


Chemotherapy is a scary word for many people, but chemotherapy is generally an easier and more positive experience in pets than in people. While similar medications and treatments are available, a big advantage for pets is that side effects like those seen commonly in people are very rare. Most pets do not lose their hair or feel ill during the treatment.

The goal of chemotherapy in pets is to achieve remission of the cancer. This means that the cancer recedes and the pet feels and looks normal as if they did not have cancer at all. The time a dog or cat can remain in remission is dependent on the type of cancer and how well they respond to the treatment, but months or even years are possible in some cases.

The treatments are not painful, only requiring a small injection or IV catheter for IV infusion, and dogs generally tolerate treatment very well with minimal anxiety or stress. Occasionally pets will have mild side effects following a treatment, such as nausea or a poor appetite, but these symptoms can usually be prevented and/or treated as part of the chemotherapy protocol.


Because cancer is such a complex disease and new options for cancer treatments are always being investigated by researchers, it is important to work with an experienced veterinarian who has a special interest in cancer treatment. We have several veterinarians on staff with experience and a special interest in treating various types of cancer.

Dr. Stuart Ryder, Medial Director of Blue Springs Animal Hospital, mentors and oversees the team of veterinarians who provide cancer treatments. Dr Ryder combines his extensive knowledge and special interest in internal medicine with his experience treating cancer to provide excellent management of cancer treatment alongside any concurrent diseases, problems, or complications. Our veterinarians are happy to accept referrals or second opinions for cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Watch the video below for more information from Dr Ryder.

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Customer Experiences and Reviews of Cancer Treatment in Kansas City at Blue Springs Animal Hospital

Link to TaylorM_Customer_Review_Cancer_Chemotherapy_Kansas_City

If you’re searching for chemo treatment options for your pup, Blue Springs Animal Hospital is a great option! We went to Dr. Ryder for several months for my dog’s chemo treatment for lymphoma. Dr. Ryder was very informative, professional, and he truly cares about the animals. He provided lots of information about the medications and potential outcomes or side effects which was great. The treatment did extend my dog’s life for about 9 months after diagnosis, so very thankful for that extra time we got with him. Every dog responds differently to chemo treatment and Dr. Ryder explained that very well along with many other details so we were well informed throughout the entire process.

When it did come time to say goodbye, we were treated so well by the staff. The doctor who performed the euthanization was so gentle, professional, and comforting as you can be in that situation. It was such a tough experience to say goodbye but the doctor and techs made it very peaceful and as accommodating as possible. We are very thankful for the great team there! - Taylor Moore

Link to BrentB_Customer_Review_Cancer_Chemotherapy_Kansas_City

Dr. Stuart Ryder and his staff are very knowledgeable and compassionate. Our dog Stella was diagnosed with lymphoma. They got us in quickly, gave us all of our options and helped us come to what we felt was a very informed decision in a difficult situation. We also appreciated their empathy with the diagnosis but also hopeful options to give us just a little more time with our beloved pet. So thankful we have someone like Dr. Ryder in our area!

Link to JenniferW_Customer_Review_Cancer_Chemotherapy_Kansas_City

We took our beloved furbaby to a vet in warrensburg and they gave us the heartbreaking news that our Harvey boy has hemangiosarcoma cancer. We were devestated and feared we would have to put our 11yr old lab down. My bff told me about her vet Dr. Ryder giving second opinions. ( And they waive the fees) I called to make a appointment and they got us right in the next day. The ultrasound was very affordable compared to other places we were quoted. My husband and I took Harvey in to his appointment. The staff was very welcoming and friendly. Dr. Ryder was very down to earth, took his time examining him. After a complete examination we got good news it's NOT hemangiosarcoma cancer ( which we are super relieved about). We are very thankful for the second opinion and will continue using blue springs animal hospital as our vet.

Link to SarrahM_Customer_Review_Cancer_Chemotherapy_Kansas_City

Last week I took in my 10 year old black lab to get a second opinion on her recent cancer diagnosis. My mind was spinning and I had a million different questions. We saw Dr. Ryder and he was so patient and kind! He answered all my questions, took the time to examine my pup and explained everything to me on detail. We set up a plan for her and I left there feeling so confident and happy! This was a scary appointment for me so it was refreshing to be able to ask the questions I wanted to ask without feeling rushed or like I was an inconvenience. This was the best vet experience I've had! Thank you Dr. Ryder and all the staff, the front desk ladies and vet tech we're great too! We drove an hour to get there and I may just drive that hour anytime they need a vet! – Sarrah Morgan

Link to Sasnak11_Customer_Review_Cancer_Chemotherapy_Kansas_City

First off I never leave reviews but I really like this place. My dog was diagnosed with lymphoma and after looking for places to take him I settled on blue springs because of the good reviews. When I first walked in they got me checked in right away. After sitting down several staff members came out and gave my dog lots of love while I was waiting. I love the doggy day care center the staff seems to really enjoy playing with and watching the dogs. They have sent me cards in the mail and call me a few days after every chemo treatment to see how he is doing and if I have any questions or concerns. I will be coming here for 19 weeks of chemo and even though it’s a 8 hr round trip drive for me it is so worth it. Doctor Ryder is great he explains all the cost and the reasons why to me. He is also extremely knowledgeable in his field. Even though chemo may only give me another year maybe 2 if I’m lucky he has had no side effects at all and he is playing just as hard as ever. I’d highly recommend blue springs animal hospital especially for something major. They have a lot of cute girls working there and bringing their dogs in also lol!! So that’s a plus:) btw I thought I should mention my dog actually enjoys coming here even though he gets stuck with a needle every time. He loves the staff and gets super excited when he sees his vet and the other staff because they are so nice to him!


I was suggested this veterinary office when my cats labs came back positive for feline leukemia. It was very difficult for us to hear that she had cancer. Dr. Cook was very informative about the medication she would be put on. We worried about side effects and were put at ease. Our cat is now in remission! (A little over a year from her first diagnosis). All the staff here are very nice and this location is very flexible with appointments. Also the price is very fair I feel. For all the testing we've had for our cat, we've never felt like we're breaking the bank. I would recommend this veterinary office to anyone seeking oncology care for their pet.

Image of JennK_Customer_Review_Cancer_Chemotherapy_Blue_Springs_Animal_Hospital Kansas City

We are so incredibly grateful to Dr. Ryder! He is such a wonderful, kind doctor and person, and his love for our cat is evident. Because of his care and expertise, we have been able to treat our cat’s cancer and have so much more time with him than we would have had we not gotten a second opinion. From our first visit with Dr. Bradley who helped us find a wonderful surgeon closer to our home who got us in and performed life saving surgery on our cat, to all the phone calls with Dr. Ryder before we met him and he started treating our cat for the cancer, every visit has been wonderful and we are beyond thankful we chose to come here for our beloved cat’s care.

Image of LoriD_Customer_Review_Cancer_Chemotherapy_Blue_Springs_Animal_Hospital Kansas City

Receiving a cancer diagnosis on your furbaby is devastating. I am so glad we decided to get a second opinion from Blue Springs Animal Hospital. We saw Dr. Bradley first who was so compassionate and provided us with so much information. We knew we would do anything to give Bear a longer life. We started chemo the next day with Dr. Einspahr. Everyone is so nice and caring. We have a long journey ahead of us, but we are so glad to be taking our journey with these doctors and staff.