Cancer Treatment at Blue Springs Animal HospitalCancer Treatment & Chemotherapy

Blue Springs Animal Hospital offers cancer treatment including chemotherapy for dogs and cats in Blue Springs and the surrounding Kansas City area.


A diagnosis of cancer is tragic in pets, just as it is with people. But, with proper treatment, some pets can either be cured or treated with medication that eliminates their symptoms for a period of time. There are many different kinds of cancer in pets, and depending on the type and location of the cancer, we will recommend different types of treatments. Some types of cancers can be removed surgically with complete recovery expected. Other types of cancer cannot be removed, but chemotherapy can cause remission of the cancer.

Remission means that the cancer recedes and the pet feels and looks normal, as if they did not have cancer at all. This is the goal of cancer chemotherapy treatment in pets.

The time a dog or cat can remain in remission is dependent on the type of cancer and how well they respond to the treatment, but months or even years are possible in some cases.


Chemotherapy is a scary word for many people, but an advantage for pets who need chemotherapy is that side effects like those seen commonly in people are very rare. Most pets do not lose their hair or feel ill during the treatment.

The treatments are not painful, only requiring a small injection or IV catheter for IV infusions, and dogs generally tolerate them very well with minimal anxiety or stress. This dog sits comfortably in her bed while the drug is infused.


Because cancer is such a complex disease and new options for cancer treatments are always being investigated by researchers, it is important to work with an experienced veterinarian who has a special interest in cancer treatment. We have several veterinarians on staff with years of experience treating various types of cancer.

Additionally, Dr. Stuart Ryder combines his knowledge and special interest in internal medicine with his experience treating cancer to provide excellent management of cancer treatments along with any concurrent diseases, problems, or complications. Dr. Ryder is happy to accept referrals or second opinions for cancer diagnosis and treatment.