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Client Rights

At Blue Springs Animal Hospital and Pet Resort, we take pride in offering the best care to our patients and their pet parents. You can expect that we will:

  •  Provide the most modern, progressive care through a team of highly educated doctors and staff. Our doctors and technicians each attend continuing education conferences and meetings every year to make sure we are on the cutting edge of veterinary medicine.
  •  Provide an estimate for the care we are recommending. Finances are always a difficult part of any pet care conversation, and we can provide/will offer different care options when needed.
  • Communicate your pet’s diagnosis clearly and answer your questions to the best of our ability.
  • Be open and honest about how your pet is responding to treatment and the expected prognosis. Open communication is vital to providing the best possible care.
  • Be empathetic. Our pets are like furry four-legged children, and we know how hard it can be when they are sick. We empathize with you when they aren’t feeling well.
  • Provide a clean, comfortable environment for you and your pet.
  • Accurately inform you of hospital and Pet Resort policies and procedures.
  • Make every effort to be on time for your appointment. If emergencies or other unforeseen circumstances will make us delayed, we will inform you as to when we will be available. If waiting is not an option, we can offer an appointment with another doctor, or to admit/drop off your pet for your doctor’s first availability. We can also reschedule your appointment if that is most convenient for you.

Client Responsibilities

Since pet care is a partnership, our clients also have some responsibilities. As a client, we ask that you help us in the following areas:

  • Treat our doctors and staff with respect.
  • Express your concerns so your doctor knows and can address them directly. Communicating your and your pet’s needs before, during, and after an appointment is critical in providing the best care.
  • Disclose relevant, accurate, and complete information about your pet’s health and history.
  • Make prompt payment. Our costs are incurred as services are rendered. In order to continue providing these services we must cover those costs.
  • Follow administrative and operational protocols such as on-time arrival for appointments, health requirements for Pet Resort services, leashing requirements, and visiting hours.
  • Recognize that medical care is rarely 100% certain. No medication or medical procedure is always effective, and complications can and do arise that are beyond our control. We will work with you in following up with any complications and will always act in both your and your pet’s best interest.

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Customer Reviews For Blue Springs Animal Hospital & Pet Resort

Link to Genevieve Kenslow Google Review of Blue Springs Animal Hospital

My dog and I are always greeted with a smile when we go to Blue Springs Animal Hospital & Pet resort. I would not trust anyone else with my baby!!!

Genevieve Kenslow Dog Google Review for Blue Springs Animal Hospital

Link to Tinette-Bening_Google Review of Blue Springs Animal Hospital

Been taking my dogs there for 7 years and would not trust anyone else with my girls. The staff is amazing and the veterinarians are intelligent and compassionate.

Link to Ben_Morrow_Google-Review-Blue_Springs_Animal_Hospital.

The best veterinary clinic in the world! They continually work to take great care of our pets. From puppy care to end of life, we trust no other.

Link to Kathie_Woolery_Google-Review-Blue_Springs_Animal_Hospital

Simply the best most caring vets and staff. They have been taking care of our "furbabies" for over 40 years; I wouldn't trust anybody else!

Link to Katelyn_Hutchens_Google-Review-Blue_Springs_Animal_Hospital

Excellent service & staff. The staff truly care about your dog! We fully trust Blue Springs Animal Hospital!

Link to Bethany_Roberts_Google-Review-Blue_Springs_Animal_Hospital

A few days ago I adopted a 12 week old French Bulldog puppy that I named Meatball. The day I brought him home I noticed he had a runny nose. I kept an eye on him, but figured it could have just been him adjusting to his new forever home. The next morning he had a nasty cough. Luckily I already scheduled an appointment with a vet for a check-up to be sure he was okay after I adopted him. I brought him here and the front staff fell in love with him right away. I mean how could you not with a face like that? They even asked to hold him. The front staff were very precautious towards the other fur babies when I mentioned he had a cough. They told me not to put him down, washed their hands after holding him and got him in a room immediately to avoid getting other fur babies sick. I appreciated that so much! I would hate to get someone else’s fur baby sick. Meatball’s vet LOVED him. Meatball loved his vet too and I really liked his vet! I made sure to book with him again! My poor Meatball was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection. They didn’t want to update his vaccines with him being sick. They got him some liquid Doxycycline and sent me home with it. I put it in his food for breakfast and dinner. He licks his bowl clean. He loves eating. Haha! They scheduled another appointment for a week later to make sure my sweet boy is doing okay and see if he’s up for updating his vaccines. Fast forward a couple of days… Meatball started snoring even though he was awake, which he hadn’t done since I adopted him. I laid on the floor with him in my lap, wrapped in a blanket and a humidifier right next to him. I waited for his vet to open. I called as soon as they opened to see if they could get me in sooner or what I could do. The front staff had a nurse call me as soon as they came in. The nurse asked some questions and didn’t think it was pneumonia as he’s still playful, eating and drinking. She prescribed him the pill version of Doxycycline to make sure he gets 100% of his medicine. It was ready within an hour and I was quickly able to walk in and get it. I was in and out. Meatball is breathing much better now and no cough. I appreciate so much that they had a nurse call me to figure something out and put my mind at ease. I’m a very worried puppy mom and he’s my first Frenchie. I am super satisfied with this clinic. This will be his forever clinic. Everyone is so professional and they want what’s best for our fur babies. Thank you so much for taking good care of my Meatball. It’s hard for me to put 100% of my trust into someone for my baby. I can trust this clinic fully.