Compassionate Medical Care

If your pet should experience a serious injury or illness, you need a vet you can trust. At Blue Springs Animal Hospital we have been providing top quality medical care for Blue Springs and surrounding Kansas City area pets for over 50 years!

The hospital is well- equipped with emergency and critical care drugs and equipment and a nursing staff that is concerned about making sure your pet has a speedy recovery.

Pets that require hospitalization will be cared for in our clean, comfortable hospital facility. Our doctors and well-trained staff administer treatments and provide close monitoring of vital signs and blood work. Many illnesses and injuries cause pets to refuse to eat and drink or cause intestinal problems, which preclude the use of oral medications. The dehydration or shock resulting from these serious injuries or illnesses also decreases circulation to the internal organs, resulting in an inability to perform vital bodily functions.

IV catheterization allows administration of fluids for rehydration as well as IV drugs which are more rapidly and reliably distributed internally to perform their intended functions. IV fluids require professional administration and close monitoring to be certain the correct amount is administered over the proper period of time. We use special infusion pumps to maintain the flow and precisely deliver the fluids and medications.

While hospitalized each patient is under the watchful eyes of not only their attending doctor, who will examine and check them several times per day, but also a well-trained staff who are concerned about their cleanliness and comfort as well as their treatments.

If your pet is hospitalized, for most conditions we encourage you to visit your pet if you wish. Due to our busy morning surgery schedule, it is more convenient for us if you can plan to visit after 2 PM.


Our in house laboratory allows our doctors to monitor hospitalized pets with blood tests to determine their response to therapy. With fast, reliable results we can quickly adjust treatment plans to provide the appropriate care for critical patients.


Many diseases and traumatic injuries can result in the need for a pet to have a blood transfusion. At Blue Springs Animal Hospital we maintain a list of pets, mostly greyhounds (the universal canine blood donor), who are willing to donate blood to save the life of critically ill pets.

In addition, we keep a supply of banked plasma for cases which require replacement of the protein component of the blood.

**We are always in need of greyhounds to volunteer for our blood donor program. If you have a greyhound and would like to participate, please contact us!


Pets with pneumonia, heart disease, shock, or many other diseases benefit from therapy with oxygen. Unfortunately, most pets will not cooperatively wear an oxygen mask, which means they require specialized equipment to deliver this important treatment.

At Blue Springs Animal Hospital our facility was designed to care for patients that need oxygen. Pets are fitted with a nasal O2 tube which delivers humidified oxygen to support their breathing for as long as needed during their hospitalization.


Pets with long term medical conditions such as kidney disease, diabetes, cushing’s disease, thyroid disease, epilepsy, etc need a veterinarian who is committed to the client communication and follow up required to successfully control these diseases.

Our veterinarians diagnose and manage many pets each year who have complicated, long term medical conditions. They will spend time making sure you completely understand your pet’s condition and how to manage it at home. They will outline a specific follow up plan to make sure your pet responds to the treatment and to monitor for complications or side effects of treatment.


Of course the most important part of medical care is tender loving care! And, TLC is something never in short supply at Blue Springs Animal Hospital & Pet Resort!