Blue Springs Animal Hospital appreciates the many referrals we receive every year from colleagues in our area for advanced diagnostic, medical, or surgical procedures.


We respect the relationship referring veterinarians have with their clients.  We appreciate your trust and if a client requests routine services we will direct them back to you as their primary care veterinarian for those services. We classify referral clients separately in our medical records and do not send reminders for routine services.

Note: Clients will be considered a referral client with a REFERRAL FORM or other communication from a referring vet. Clients who come on their own without a referral form or other communication will not be considered referrals and will be provided any services they request.


We offer an initial COMPLIMENTARY EXAM & CONSULTATION for clients referred to us from other veterinary hospitals. Complimentary exams are available with any of our doctors except our veterinary dermatologist, Dr. Michael Groh.

Based upon the comprehensive exam, clients will be given a treatment plan including a cost estimate for diagnostic or therapeutic recommendations.

We offer multiple 6 or 12 month payment options to help clients afford care within their budget.


Dr. Joe Rodier has advanced certifications and experience providing various orthopedic procedures. Dr. Rodier is SLOCUM certified and has performed TPLO surgery on more than 1000 dogs in the last 10+ years with excellent results.

Referral orthopedic services include:

  • Lameness evaluations
  • TPLO, Tightrope, or MMP TTA
  • Bone Pinning, Plating, and External Fixation
  • Femoral Head Excision
  • Medial Patellar Luxation
  • OCD Arthrotomy
  • Penn Hip and OFA evaluations
  • Laser Therapy

Dr. Rodier and several of our other doctors can provide many routine and advanced soft tissue surgeries. Please call regarding our capabilities to provide a particular procedure. If we are unable to provide a procedure we will recommend a board certified surgeon who we have used for referrals.

More Info: TPLOMMP-TTADr Joe Rodier

Veterinary Echocardiography Dog Mitral Valve Disease


Blue Springs Animal Hospital offers cardiology services including echocardiography.

  • We have invested in state of the art digital radiography to capture high definition radiographic images of the lungs, heart, and major vessels.
  • For echocardiograms we are equipped with a GE LOGIQe veterinary ultrasound with superior quality digital images, color flow doppler, and video capture.
  • Our veterinarians have undergone training with a board certified cardiologist and can provide echocardiograms on adult dogs.
  • On challenging cases we can capture high def images and video and transmit them to a board certified cardiologist for consultation.
  • On certain cases we may arrange for a board certified cardiologist to perform an exam and echocardiogram at our hospital.
  • EKG including Holter monitoring is available. EKGs are verified with a board certified cardiologist.

Veterinary Echocardiography Of A Dog With Mitral Valve Disease

A recent study on Mitral Valve Disease has shown that pre-symptomatic diagnosis and treatment with pimobendin can delay the onset of heart failure symptoms by an average of 15 months. Read studies here and here. Pre-symptomatic treatment should not be started until heart enlargement criteria are met; therefore, it is important to accurately assess heart size with radiographs and echocardiography.

Veterinary Echocardiography Dog Enlarged Atrium

The following echocardiogram performed by Dr. Stuart Ryder demonstrates an abnormally thickened mitral valve and mitral regurgitation. This dog’s measurements on radiographs (VHS) and echocardiogram (LA/AO ratio, LVIDDN) indicated it was a good candidate to start pre-symptomatic treatment with pimobendin.

More Info: Cardiology Services


Our hospital is equipped with a GE LOGIQe Veterinary Ultrasound with superior quality digital images, color flow doppler, and video capture.

Multiple doctors on our staff, including Dr. Gina Bradley and Dr. Stuart Ryder, have advanced training and experience in ultrasound imaging of the abdomen.

Our doctors can provide the following ultrasound services:

  • Imaging of abdominal organs including liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidneys, adrenals, bladder, prostate, and uterus (during pyometra or pregnancy).
  • Pregnancy diagnosis and fetal viability confirmation (fetal heart color doppler)
  • Ultrasound guided fine needle aspirates of fluids, effusions, or organs
  • Ultrasound guided biopsy of accessible organs such as the liver

More Info: Dr. Gina BradleyDr. Stuart Ryder


Dr. Samantha Nye has expertise and a special interest in providing canine reproduction services.

A service which is particularly helpful to referring veterinarians and their clients is our ability to determine delivery dates based on the LH surge. We can then plan elective C-sections in breeds or individuals expected to have difficulty with natural delivery. Planning an elective C-section is a safer and more humane alternative to the usual emergency C-section required once a dog is in dystocia.

Dog Breeding Veterinarian Dr. Samantha Nye with Puppies delivered by C-Section

Our breeding services include:

  • Progesterone testing and ovulation timing
  • Semen collection, evaluation, chilling, and shipping
  • Artificial insemination with fresh or chilled semen
  • Surgical insemination with fresh, chilled, or frozen semen
  • Infertility diagnosis and treatment
  • Pregnancy diagnosis with ultrasound of puppies and visualization of the fetal heart beat
  • Pregnancy management with obstetrical assistance and elective C-section in appropriate breeds
  • Neonatal care

The following video during an ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis demonstrates fetal heartbeats with color flow doppler.

More Info: Breeding ServicesDr. Samantha Nye


Dr. Ryder has 10+ years of experience providing chemotherapy for lymphoma and other common types of cancer.

He is especially adept with complex cases where he can apply his knowledge and special interest in internal medicine to providing chemotherapy while managing concurrent diseases, problems, or complications.

Call Dr. Ryder to discuss the specifics of cases and how he can partner with referring veterinarians to provide care.

More Info: Cancer ServicesDr. Stuart Ryder

Dr Michael Groh Veterinarian Dermatology


Dr. Michael Groh is the founder of Midwest Veterinary Consultants with offices in Springfield and Lee’s Summit. Dr. Groh offers dermatology services at Blue Springs Animal Hospital & Pet Resort one day per week. Dr. Groh is past president of the Academy of Veterinary Allergy and Clinical Immunology and a member of the American Academy of Veterinary Dermatology.

Dr Groh’s interests include diseases of the skin, diseases of the ear, and infectious disease control.

More Info: Dr Michael Groh


Our video endoscope enables us to provide video endoscopy services for intestinal exams and biopsies.

Multiple doctors can assist with this service including Dr. Gina Bradley, Dr. Joe Rodier, and Dr. Stuart Ryder.

Please call to discuss specifics of individual cases.


Our hospital can also provide these additional services on a referral basis:

  • Internal medicine 2nd opinions, diagnostic work ups, and/or assistance in the medical management of complex cases
  • CO2 Surgical Laser for Declaws, Lump Removals, etc
  • Therapy laser treatments

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