1. I have been a client of the Blue Springs Animal Hospital since 1992. I have worked in the medical field at several hospitals. I understand the importance of diagnostics when treating human patients and realize animal hospitals are not required to have the same standards as human hospitals, but the Blue Springs Animal Hospital excels in this department. As the hospital has continued to grow so has their ability to help my pets with the latest techniques, procedures and equipment. My pets have always received great medical care at the Blue Springs Animal Hospital. Over the years my pets have had surgery due to injury, hospitalized due to illness in their later years and vaccinations in between. The doctors and staff work together to provide a very high standard of care for my pets in a very clean facility with a friendly staff. I would not take my pets anywhere else.

    — LD175
  2. This is the best animal hospital around!!! Everyone is very kind and caring. They treat your pets like your family. Thats the way it should be!!

    — Sonja
  3. I drive almost an hour to take my pets to BSAH. The care is superb, the vets and staff are all incredibly caring, and the level of medicine is outstanding - plus the vets and staff work together to provide combined experience and knowledge. When one of my cats is difficult, they don't get angry or impatient, they get creative and compassionate. When my pet has a mystery illness, they have the diagnostic skill and resources to find answers. When a pet needs surgery, I know they will get the top of the line care and skill. I board at the Pet Resort because they are compassionate and professional -- and if anything happens, my pet gets the best care possible. The vets in my rural community charge the same - but can't always offer the same level of care. So I recommend BASH first. If your pet has a serious problem, they'll find it - and provide the best care possible.

    — ckzmoon
  4. Wow! Excellent quality care, friendly service. I will be a loyal customer for life. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. They really care about your pet! The doctor did a very thorough exam and explained everything really well. They had equipment on site to do blood work and an ultrasound so we had a diagnoses the same day. I visited while my pet was hospitalized and the staff were so sweet and caring to both my pet and our family. Everything was kept very clean and the care and service was first rate - better than a human hospital!!

    — SallyJ
  5. Best veterinary hospital I have ever visited. The doctors and staff were very friendly and knowledgeable and I thought my pet received first rate care. The building is new and modern and really clean. They answered all my questions and really knew what they were talking about. I will definitely being going back!

    — KCChiefsMan
  6. I have been taking my pets here for the last 9 years and I love them, just wish I had found them sooner!

    — Guest
  7. Love this Hospital ! I have trusted my furry kids to BSAH since 1994, could not imagine going anywhere else for care. The caring and knowledge that the Doctor's and the staff have can not be beat !! Love them.

    — thodrowr
  8. Knowledgeable and friendly. No one will take better care of your pets. One of the cleanest vet facilities and one of the nicest I have ever been to. BSAH is the best, hands down. They do VERY thorough examinations and find out the problem, unlike other vets who just guess without doing any blood work or tests.

    — A Google User
  9. They keep our dog happy. I love the staff here they are soooo friendly. They always smile, they don't make you wait and they are very professional. They have a great pet resort for housing your pet when you're away and our dog just cant say enough about the Pet Salon. Their Doctors and Vet Assistance are very knowledgeable and they follow-up. Awesome!

    — MichaelW
  10. I have been taking my pets here for close to 30 years...yeah, there are probably cheaper places, and sometimes when money is tight I think of switching, but the care here is so great. From the people at the front counter, the assistants, the vets, the care givers, the groomers are the best in the world. I have had interactions with several of the vets aside from our regular one, and all have been very great and caring. Won't ever go anywhere else, they know and love pets!!!

    — Sally
  11. Thank you, bsah! My pets & I will never go anywhere else! Everything you touch turns to gold! We love all the doctors, & the staff are all SO nice, as soon as we walk in its like we are family, and the groomer named Mary always comes over and talks to us. We always feel like we are right at home! Thanks again!

    — A Google User
  12. My dog had to have a special knee surgery called a TPLO. She received excellent care from Dr. Rodier and his staff. Her surgery was a success and she had a speedy recovery. The hardest part was keeping her from overdoing it during her recovery because she felt so much better right after surgery. The only other hospital in the area that could do the surgery was a hospital in Kansas that would have cost almost double. I know my pets will always receive ther best care from Dr. Rodier and the Blue Springs Animal Hospital.

    — LabradorLover
  13. What a WONDERFUL place! I manage fosters for Unleashed Pet Rescue in Mission and one of our fosters (my sister) that lives near Blue Springs had an emergency this week so I needed to find somewhere in Eastern Jackson County for her. Blue Springs Animal Hospital was mentioned so I sent her there. I have never been treated so well by a vet office. You guys are amazing and the amount of care and professionalism Dr. Bradley and your staff showed us and our pup was off the charts. THANK YOU so much for everything, we truly appreciate it. You guys are the best!

    — Melissa
  14. Absolutely wonderful! The staff is more than sweet and vets r very knowledgable. We have 3 dobermans, everyone at their facility has been nothing but kind to us, no judgement and no fear of our animals. Which for the breed is hard to find sometimes. Yes they are more expensive than some clinics, but you will get the absolute best service overall, they dont cut any corners. And when it comes to your pet/family member, isnt that what's most important??

    — Fox
  15. Great place to take your pet!. I used this hospital when I was in Kansas City for a problem with my pet and I was so impressed. The staff were very nice and helpful and the place was clean and very hi tech for a vet. They took great care of my pet. Best experience I have had with a vet. Highly recommend!

    — KimPetLvr
  16. I have been consistently happy with their care for the 5 dogs and 2 cats that I have taken here over the years that I have lived in Blue Springs. The doctors and staff are knowledgeable and friendly and everyone is always very compassionate when I have a sick pet or one that passes away. The building is modern and hi tech and clean. The boarding facility is really nice and I like taking my dogs there for daycare and boarding. Highly recommended!

    — WildcatK
  17. First, I want to say that if you are in need of great veterinarian services look no further than the Blue Springs Animal Hospital. Here you will find doctors that truly embody the best in their profession. The staff at Blue Spring Animal Hospital are extremely friendly and helpful in every way. I have been bringing my cat Sophie for a leg wound here for the pass few months and they have given her the best care. Sophie is not the easiest cat to handle, she’s a bit spirited, but the staff is up the challenge and treats her like a star. Again, I can’t stress how great they are at Blue Springs Animal Hospital. Do not hesitate bringing your pet here, they will be in the best of hands. I do have to give a special shout out to Dr. Abigail Owens and her staff for their unwavering commitment to getting Sophie back on all fours again. It is so reassuring to see the dedication, love, and care they bring to animals who are in need everyday. Thank for everything!

    — Will R
  18. I give this vet clinic 5 stars! They do an excellent job with my pets, even taking the time to learn and know my pets names. I haven t got service like theirs anywhere else! Keep up the good work!!!

    — L.Bezemer
  19. Blue Springs Animal Hospital's vets are all fantastic, and my pups absolutely love the "babysitters" at the Pet Resort. We couldn't recommend you more. :)

    — Dana
  20. I moved to Blue Springs in 1997 and was referred to Blue Springs Animal Hospital by a work colleague. The fact that I have stayed with this hospital for 13.5 years pretty much sums up my satisfaction with the service that I and my beloved cats have received. More than once I feared that a cat had come to the end of his or her life, but the caring veterinarians provided treatment and encouragement that extended the cats' lives for years. I firmly recommend this hospital to anyone who loves his or her pets.

    — Avraham
  21. They'll have this client for life! They have excellent doctors and supporting staff and the facility is nicer than most human medical places I've been! They also have a wonderful Adoption Kitten Program that we adopted our favorite kitty from. They're never pushy and are always happy to see us. We love BSAH!!!

    — A Google User
  22. Very nice doctors and staff. They seem to really care about your pet. The first time I went was because my dog had a broken leg and my vet wanted to send me to a specialist. But a friend suggested them and they were much cheaper than the specialist. They got us right in and they were really good with my dog and worried about pain medicine, which I liked. I also thought the hospital was really nice and clean and I liked that the doctor had a lot of experience with broken legs. They did a great job on Henry's leg and I have been going back since with both my dogs and cat. I think they are great.

    — A Yahoo! Local User
  23. We recently took a family cruise and had a friend of the family watch our pets. Our Basset Hound, Daisy, took off and got away from him. Our friend was unable to get in contact with any of us and kept looking for Daisy himself. Somehow, Daisy ended up at a Vet in North Kansas City. They took her in for a day and began having trouble with her since she was off her medicine and they did not know it. They found Blue Springs Animal Hospital's telephone number on her rabies tag and called. They told BS Animal Hospital that she was out of control and they were going to send her to the Shelter. Knowing that the Shelter would probably put Daisy down, a Vet and a Vet Tech drove all the way to NKC to pick up Daisy and bring her back to Blue Springs. They could not get in touch with us either but figured that we were probably somewhere all together and kept Daisy knowing that we would come get her when they could contact us. They also put Daisy back on her medicine and took exceptional care of her while we were gone. As a result, they saved Daisy's life and took care of her as though she was one of their own. I don't know how to thank them but I can say that this is the most exceptional care I have ever seen by a Vet Hospital. Anyone who feels that their pet is part of their family can rest assured that they will receive amazing care from everyone who is part of Blue Springs Animal Hospital. We have been coming here for years and I can say, without a doubt, that we will never take a pet anywhere other than here - ever.

    — W. Raumaker
  24. My dog had to have a special knee surgery called a TPLO. She received excellent care from Dr. Rodier and his staff. Her surgery was a success and she had a speedy recovery. The hardest part was keeping her from overdoing it during her recovery because she felt so much better right after surgery. The only other hospital in the area that could do the surgery was a hospital in Kansas that would have cost almost double. I know my pets will always receive the best care from Dr. Rodier and the Blue Springs Animal Hospital.

    — A Google User
  25. I have used this company for years with great success. They are very professional in every aspect of the business . You can board you pet and not worry.

    — DaveL
  26. We have utilized several local veterinary businesses throughout the years of calling Blue Springs our home. None compare to Blue Springs Animal Hospital and Pet Resort. One of the larger facilities, you are greeted by a host of receptionists who through their genuine interactions show how well they are treated by the vet staff. The veterinary techs who meet pets and their families in the lobby approach the animals with warmth and care and escort pets back to see the doctors. Our family cares for two dogs and two cats. With one dog approaching old age, we have been in the office with frequency over the past year. We have interacted with two of the veterinarians both of which were wonderful! Dr. Rodier is engaging and authentic. He is not in a hurry and curious about all aspects of your pets health. Dr. Erickson demonstrated excellent knowledge and truly cared how our pets health was affecting our family. We recently took a family friend with us for an observation in hopes of referring her and her six furry family members. The staff were awesome as usual and she needed little convincing that this was the place for her pets. Other offices seem to add a lot of unnecessary tests, foods, medicines, and services to increase your vet bills. That has never happened at Blue Springs Animal Hospital. They are great and always set pricing expectations during the consult and before taking any actions. I trust their recommendations and judgement. To have a doctor treat you as an equal and explain options and the logic behind recommendations when making decisions for your pet's health...well it's truly world class service in my book. We love this team!

    — Donna Y.
  27. Amazing customer service - Blue Springs Animal Hospital has been my pets veterinary provider for more than 19 years, and I would never go elsewhere. When I take any of my pets to BSAH, I know they will receive top notch attention and I will be fully informed about the procedures and medications recommended. The vets will take the time answer any questions, and have always returned my calls in a timely manner. I would never go anywhere else!!!

    — ggturner
  28. Everyone is so friendly and caring. They have state of the art equipment. Best Animal Hospital in the area. I will always use them and recommend them. It really is all about caring. I love the staff, warm, friendly and they feel like family.

    — A Google User
  29. This is The Best Hospital Ever!!!. I have been going to BSAH for many years. I've met most of the doctors. I love when you walk in the front door eveyone greets you so warmly. It just gets better, every doctor i've met has made my dogs and i feel like family. It's true, they are all about caring. Will always take my pets there! If you want the best for your pets, you have found the right place!

    — ILoveLabs
  30. I took both my dogs there, and they were so nice! They were very gentle with my pets, and the Doctor took the time to explain what was wrong. I have been to other places before that didn't seem to care as much, but these guys did a great job. I will definitely take my pets back, and would definitely recommend that anybody looking for a vet give these guys a try.

    — A Google User
  31. I have been taking my pets here for more than 16 years and the doctors and staff have always been terrific. The facility is modern and clean. The doctors are knowledgeable and everyone is very kind and concerned, especially when my pets have been sick. I highly recommend them!

    — Guest
  32. Blue Springs Animal Hospital and Pet Resort is an amazing place to take your animals. The staff is very knowledgeable, kind, and patient. We live in Brookside and drive out here every morning because there is nothing like their puppy daycare in Kansas City. The hospital is accredited, clean and very up to date on the latest practices. I feel very safe leaving my pet in their care and recommending Blues Springs Animal Hospital and Pet Resort to every pet owner I meet.

    — KClady1
  33. I m fortunate, they are local. Fantastic facility and doctors. 5 stars hands down.

    — Hunt4Life
  34. You will not find a more caring group of doctors for your pet. Thank you all for everything you have done and continue to do.

    — Brienne
  35. Best Place for the Best Care. We got a new pup about a year ago and used the Blue Springs Animal Hospital for her puppy vaccines. Dr. Bradley saw her throughout her "puppy program". We had such a great experience and because of this program our puppy loves going to the vet! We got free daycare and classes for socializing and lots of other perks for being in the program. It was a great way to be sure our puppy grew up happy and healthy. Dr. Bradley was awesome and made us feel like we were her only clients with the way she cared for our girl!

    — A Bing User
  36. I've never walked into a veterinary office before and felt so welcome! I was greeted with smiles and friendly faces. It felt like I'd been taking my Charlie there for years! Also, it was a joy to watch the dogs playing in the playroom with an attendant who was actively engaging with them. I really want her job! Unfortunately, my Charlie is too sick to go play in there right now, but I hope that he will get a chance to spend a day at the doggie resort before he passes. Speaking of which... Dr. Rodier was amazing! He took the time to get to know my husband and I, and he took the time to let us get to know him. He was empathetic to the fact that my dog has cancer - he related his own personal story about his own dog who battled the same illness, and it very nearly choked him up. There was nothing "robotic" or mechanical about the diagnosis or plan of treatment. His FIRST goal is quality of life, and he presented two treatment plans very clearly. He gave us the pros and cons to each protocol and let US decide which is best for our dog. And, he made sure that we felt good about the decision we made. I will definitely be switching ALL of my veterinary needs to Blue Springs Animal Hospital. I just wish they treated people, too!

    — TriciaS
  37. Dr. Moorehead is the most incredible doctor ever! She listens and actually takes an interest in your specific needs and offers great advice on how to best take care of your furbaby within your budget. What a breath of fresh air!

    — Debbie Rogers
  38. TPLO Surgery. Our dog had torn his ACL and Dr. Rodier was great at recognizing it, recomending a couple options, and providing the surgery. Prior to the surgery, our dog couldn't put weight on his hind leg, and the day after he was already trusting his leg. Dr. Rodier was honest and upfront about everything. The pricing was on target with what I had seen online (sometimes cheaper than what I saw). I have been taking my dogs there for over 3 years and have not had a bad experience yet.

    — A Google User
  39. I have been using Blue Springs Animal Hospital as my regular Vet. for 6 years. We really love and trust Dr. Ryder with all of their healthcare needs. My dogs love to go to the groomer too, they always come home looking and smelling great! The quality of care is un-matched. I really would recommend them to anyone who wants the best for their furry babies.

    — chili_bean
  40. I was referred to Blue Springs Animal Hospital from my primary vet so my dog could have medial luxating patella surgery to fix her knee. I received a personal call from Dr. Rodier to go over the procedure, answer all my questions, provide a quote, and schedule the surgery. After surgery, again received a personal call from Dr. Rodier to go over how the surgery went and provide an update on how Anja was feeling. Throughout each step of the long recovery process, I was impressed with the care and time Dr. Rodier and all the vet techs took to be sure I had every question answered and was comfortable with Anja's care. Anja has now fully recovered thanks to Dr. Rodier's talent and expertise and the wonderful care from everyone in the office. I will recommend Blue Springs Animal Hospital (and Dr. Rodier in particular) for orthopedic surgery needs and for boarding. The Pet Resort is the only place we are comfortable leaving our dogs on vacation, we know they receive the best care. Thank you Blue Springs Animal Hospital!

    Sarah B.