Welcome to Cat Boarding in Kitty City at the Blue Springs Pet Resort!

Blue Springs Animal Hospital & Pet Resort offers upscale and affordable cat boarding for the Kansas City Metro area.

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Kitty City features cat boarding condos in a quiet and cozy “cats only” area completely separate from our dog boarding, hospital wards, and treatment areas.

While boarding, cats enjoy bright and cheerful condos, each with a large exterior window overlooking a garden and aviary. While boarding in their condos, cats love to climb up on the benches and sun bathe or watch the birds feed and play in the bird bath.


If your cat is active and enjoys exploring new places, we have an indoor glass play area which overlooks the kitty reception area and fish tank. Cats love to climb around the carpeted kitty jungle gyms and swipe at the toy catnip mice. Cats can climb up high and supervise activities in the reception area while entertaining our hospital clients in the cat waiting area through the glass window.

More sedentary cats enjoy napping in the sun and being held and petted by one of our cat loving pet resort counselors.

Whether your cat is outgoing and loves to play, or shy and needs a gentle touch, we will make them as happy as possible during their visit.


Cats are cared for by a team of dedicated and attentive cat lovers who pamper the guests with attention and TLC.

Pet Resort Manager Erin Taylor has worked for the pet resort since 2012. She has a bachelor’s degree in biology, is a member of the International Pet Boarding and Pet Services Association and is Fear Free certified. She has a strong interest in behavior and training, as well as gentle handling techniques. In her off time, she enjoys training and competing with her dogs in a variety of sports, including agility, rally obedience, and Fast CAT.

Under Erin’s leadership all Pet Resort staff are trained in basic cat care and safety, disease prevention, and animal behavior. They participate in regular meetings and training activities and become quite knowledgeable and experienced in caring for pets.


On-Site Veterinarians
The Pet Resort staff is well-trained to routinely monitor cats carefully, keeping records of appetite, urination, bowel movements, and watching closely for signs of a health concern. If there is ever a problem, our veterinarians are just steps away.

Special Medical Needs
We are able to provide boarding care for cats with medical needs, such as insulin injections, oral medications, SQ fluids, eye or ear medications, and most other special needs.

Please make us aware of such special medical concerns or treatments when booking your reservations. There is no extra charge in most cases.


Blue Springs Pet Resort has strict health requirements for all boarding pets for a very good reason – we are committed to keeping your pet safe and healthy! If we failed to require protection against contagious diseases and parasites, we could not promise your pet the safest environment possible. Our standards are high, but we hope you will see that as a strong advantage to boarding your pet with us.

All cats boarding in Kitty City must be current on the routine preventative health care for contagious diseases and parasites. To ensure quality control and adequate protection, vaccinations and parasite testing must be provided by a licensed veterinarian.

If your pet is a patient at our hospital, we will already be familiar with your pet’s wellness care and medical history.

If your pet is under the care of another veterinary hospital, please bring a copy of the records/receipt. Pets will not be admitted without proof of vaccinations and parasite testing.

If your pet is not current, we welcome your appointment in advance or at the time of boarding to update your pet.


Cats are finicky about being clean – and we agree! All Cat Boarding Condos are cleaned and sanitized with antibacterial detergent at least once daily, with additional clean ups as needed through the day.

We have a commercial dishwasher (like those used in school cafeterias) to wash and disinfect bowls, toys, and other non-porous items. Litter boxes are scrubbed and disinfected with antibacterial detergent. For bedding and towels, we use a commercial washer and dryer with bleach treatment.

We maintain healthy air and odor control with separate heating and air conditioning systems and separate exhaust fans for each room.

Our staff is educated and trained in the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy environment for our guests!


We strongly recommend that you bring your pet’s regular food to avoid the tummy upset that can occur with sudden diet changes. If you choose to have us furnish the food, your pet will be fed premium quality iVet dry food. The daily cat boarding rate is the same whether we feed your food or our food.

If you bring your cat’s regular food, please bring only an amount appropriate for the length of the stay. Dry food should be transferred into zip lock bags or a plastic container. Do not bring the original bag. Please allow us to provide dishes for your pet. Our dishes can be sanitized in our commercial dishwasher.

Our counselors like to give out treats! You may bring treats or other special goodies for your pet, but please only bring items which they are accustomed to eating at home to avoid tummy upsets.


We recommend that you allow us to provide bedding and toys. Our bedding is laundered daily in our commercial washer and dryer. We provide toys for cats which can be washed and sanitized in our dishwasher.

If you choose to bring personal bedding or toys, please only bring items which are washable and which the pet can have unsupervised.

All personal items must be labeled in permanent marker with your name and your pet’s name.


Blue Springs Animal Hospital & Pet Resort’s fees reflect top quality care by a dedicated, highly trained, and long-term staff with an unsurpassed level of concern for your pet. Our goal is to never skimp on quality of care and service, while remaining competitive in the local marketplace.

When you make your boarding reservation we will create an estimate for your pet’s visit. If you have questions about our fees, please ask!

Please refer to the Policies and Fees Page under the Resort menu for more information on resort policies and fees.


We would love to meet you and give you a tour prior to making your reservation. We welcome your questions and would love the opportunity show you the great care your cat will receive during a stay in Kitty City.